The SonoScape S2V ultrasound machine is built in a small and compact design that is ideal for taking it anywhere, where is the consultant room or on an equine yard. It is designed to be the most cost effective and smartest digital system with optimal coverage in all fields of veterinary ultrasound diagnosis.
It is integrated with a wide range of dedicated veterinary special purpose transducers and supported by several advance great imaging technologies normally only available in cart-based systems. Thanks to our genius engineer team the S2V animal SonoScape veterinary ultrasound system is a lightweight but powerful machine, capable of being used anytime, anywhere.
Professional Veterinary Software Package
To meet the growing needs of today's veterinarians, the S2V is equipped with a dedicated veterinary fully configured software package.
 User-definable graphic exam modes applicable for small and large animals
 Specialized veterinary body marks and annotations
 Phased array and micro-convex transducers for abdominal and cardiac applications
 Powerful veterinary measurement and calculation software package: early pregnancy diagnosis, cardiac  diagnosis, general abdominal diagnosis, reproductive evaluation
 Professional veterinary high density linear array for endocavity, reproductive and superficial application
Tissue Harmonic Imaging                     Spatial Compound Imaging
Micro-scan Speckle Reduction              Panoramic Imaging
Anatomic M Mode                                     Trapezoidal Imaging
Pulse Wave Doppler                                Continuous Wave Doppler
DPI mode                                                   M-turning
Optimum Workflow
The S2V sonoscape ultrasound machine adapts to your workflow, whether you are in the consult room, at the bedside, or at a remote location. With the easy-to-use new platform designed for sonographers' needs, the S2V empowers veterinarians to work in their own style and habits and enjoy a significantly improved ultrasound scan experience.

As and Authorize supplier, We supply and sale our sonoscape veterinary ultrasound systems and animal ultrasound machines in Dubai, Abu Dhbai, UAE and to whole region.


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SonoScape S2V Ultrasound Machine


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SonoScape S2V Ultrasound Machine

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